Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lulu and Lila, The Smooth Red Stone, a new kids' book!

Congratulations to Vivian and Romeo Sky on the publication of their new children's book!

This book is the result of the quality time a grandmother has been willing to spend with her granddaughter. It also captures the great imagination of a young girl who loves reading. According to grandmother Gigi,Romeo has always enjoyed creating characters in their new stories. Romeo Sky was visiting her grandmother. She brought a lot of books which she displayed on the nearby desk. I had the opportunity to read a book to Romeo who asked me to continue reading other books to her. Before I complied with her request,Gigi, the grandmother, intervened to set me free.

From that very moment, I knew it was just a matter of time before Gigi and Romeo set out to share with us their wonderful world of storytelling and amazing creation.

"Lulu and Lila, The smooth Red Stone" is the story of two identical twin girls, Lulu and Lila, who got invited by a mermaid to embark on a great maritime adventure. All their wishes came true after finding a smooth red stone.

Where can you buy this new book?

You can buy it at Amazon.com

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